For approximately 10 years, we have been buying, flipping, and selling homes in Marion County. Taking houses in disrepair or in simple need of TLC and turning them into homes was our passion. Over the years, however, our vision expanded; we wanted to offer more. More value, better quality, and more of what our clients and customers want in a home. From that vision, Crouch Homes was born.


Quality is the basis of our vision, and we challenge you to find a home that’s better built than a Crouch Home. We set ourselves apart from other home builders by building high-quality homes families can afford. The features other builders consider upgrades come standard in every Crouch Home.


We’re changing the way homes are built by challenging the ‘builder-grade’ mentality in favor of high-quality, high-end, luxe homes – all for a price even first-time buyers can afford. We want you to choose a Crouch Home, so we offer you more than the other builders.

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